Advanced Diagnostics: Digital X-rays & Ultrasound

x-ray and ultrasound

Digital imaging is essential in the diagnosis and treatment of your dog or cat. Warm Springs Animal Hospital’s veterinarians are skilled at reading both ultrasound and radiographs and highly trained in using the latest diagnostic imaging technology.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to capture images inside the patient’s body. These images are digitally enhanced and viewed on a screen and can be shared for consultations or second opinions.

Ultrasound images can be viewed in real time, making it possible to observe movement in the body, such as blood flow or a beating heart. They are often used in viewing the progress of a pregnancy, as they are safe and painless to the patient. These images can also be used to guide the veterinarian during a biopsy or other surgical procedure.

x-ray and ultrasound

Digital X-ray Imaging

Radiography uses ionizing radiation to penetrate deeply into the body, creating the X-ray image. They provide a clear view of bones and organs and can be used for a wide viewing area. Our modern digital X-rays create a highly detailed image on a computer screen, easily shared and stored.

X-rays are commonly available, a quick and easy way to examine bones and joints, and relatively inexpensive. Because they use radiation, however, they can be dangerous to the patient and technicians if not performed properly. This makes them inappropriate for use in examining pregnant patients. And, unlike ultrasounds, X-rays can create only a snapshot image, capturing a single moment in time.

Digital X-rays are especially useful in veterinary dental procedures and to monitor tooth and bone growth, development, and damage.

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