Neighborhood Vets Perform Routine & Specialty Surgery

veterinary surgery

The veterinarians at Warm Springs Animal Hospital perform a wide variety of soft tissue, orthopedic, and elective surgeries, including spay and neuter.

Modern Surgical Technology

As an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital, we commit to the highest standards of care for every surgical patient. Our modern surgical program includes:

Diagnostic skill and accuracy in reading results is essential to a successful surgical program. Our digital imaging department and veterinary laboratory offer the ultimate in diagnostic capability.

Safety Is Our Priority

Surgical safety protocols are followed diligently to ensure a positive experience for both pet and owner. Before every procedure, the patient is examined by our veterinarian and pre-anesthetic blood work is performed. While under anesthesia, a technician constantly monitors patient heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. This monitoring continues until surgery is over and the patient is alert.

Pain Management Before, During & After Surgery

At Warm Springs Animal Hospital, no pet is allowed to suffer. Our treatment of pet pain is both compassionate and practical, as untreated pain causes a dampening of the immune response and slows healing.

With each surgery, the anticipated level of pain is calculated based on degree of trauma and the overall condition of the patient. Then, sedation and anesthesia is chosen to meet that expected need.

Our veterinarians understand that post-surgical pain management is essential for a successful recovery and complete healing. Each patient is sent home with the appropriate medications from our pharmacy to alleviate pain during rehabilitation.

Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery

If your pet is injured, a veterinary examination is critical to determine if there is any internal damage. An accident or trauma involving a broken bone or torn ligament, as well as some genetic malformations, may require surgical repair.

If your pet requires routine or specialty surgery, contact our hospital for services from professionals with a commitment to safety and compassionate care.