Personal Wellness Planning for Dogs & Cats

pet wellness

Keeping your dogs and cats healthy and filled with wellbeing from the very start has always been our priority. Our team at Warm Springs Animal Hospital takes all the time needed to get to know you and your pet personally. This relationship is built to ensure an enjoyable, effective, and supportive pet care experience for every pet and owner.

The Wellness Exam

Our pets age much more quickly than we do, so an annual exam is your best opportunity for preventing diseases and diagnosing any developing problems. Early treatment of such problems offers our patients the highest likelihood of recovery with the least invasive or uncomfortable treatment options.

Aside from a thorough exam, we perform a variety of laboratory tests to establish the condition of each patient. Then we discuss a personal prevention and treatment program, designed for the patient’s specific age, breed, overall health, and lifestyle.

Prevention & Safety

Vaccines are our primary measure in preventing dangerous and deadly contagious diseases in our companion animals. While some vaccines are highly recommended for every dog and cat, others depend upon the needs of the patient.

Preventing and treating parasites is the next step in pet wellness care. Both internal and external parasites can cause serious illness in pets, especially puppies or kittens and senior pets.

To protect even indoor pets from getting lost, we recommend microchipping your dogs and cats. Learn the facts about microchipping your pet.

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