Dedicated to Relieving Pet Pain

pain management and anesthesia

We know pain from veterinary surgery can slow the healing process and make recovery difficult and uncomfortable. And a pet in chronic pain is often disengaged, becoming withdrawn and sometimes aggressive.

The veterinary team at Warm Springs Animal Hospital is dedicated to the comfort and safety of every patient and the promotion of a rewarding human–animal bond. To this end, we are diligent in identifying and treating pet pain.

Assessing Patients for Pain

As an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital, we assess every patient for pain. While we certainly assess patients that are ill or having surgery, we even perform this assessment during wellness visits.

Why? A young pet may have parasites or an undiagnosed condition that is causing pain. A healthy adult pet can ingest something or even tear a ligament, resulting in pain. And, as pets age, they may develop chronic illnesses or conditions that cause intermittent or ongoing discomfort. Sick or well, we look for the problems that our animal companions are unable to tell us about, and provide them with relief.

The Pain Assessment

Our assessment for pain is performed by a veterinarian, who palpates the patient’s entire body and flexes all joints. We may have the animal sit, stand, walk, or run, to assess joint mobility. Response to this assessment helps identify painful areas of the body, as well as the extent of the pain. Imaging technology is sometimes used to verify specifics during this assessment.

Anesthesia in Veterinary Surgery

We administer the safest available anesthesia to our patients, for a comfortable and safe surgery. Our veterinarians examine every surgical patient and perform blood work prior to administering anesthesia. These procedures ensure a safer surgical experience by identifying any risk factors beforehand.

While the patient is under anesthesia, a technician monitors heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, and respiration. This monitoring continues until the surgery is completed and the patient has recovered from anesthesia.

After surgery, pain medications are administered to keep your pet comfortable during recovery and rehabilitation. We provide you with medications from our pharmacy, to administer at home until healing is complete.

Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

For non-pharmaceutical treatment of pet pain, we offer the newest technology: laser therapy. This is a painless treatment modality, performed by applying laser light beams to injured cells. The cells are stimulated as they absorb the light, responding with a higher rate of metabolism, increased circulation, and an anti-inflammatory response.

Laser therapy stimulates the cells to heal from within and provides both relief from pain and accelerated healing. Patients that often benefit from laser therapy include those with acute pain, chronic conditions, and those rehabilitating from surgery. Contact our hospital to find out if laser therapy is right for your pet.

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