Nutritional Support, Weight Management & Rx Diets

nutritional consultation

Dogs and cats need proper nutrition at every stage of life. The veterinarians of Warm Springs Animal Hospital offer nutritional counseling for your special pet.

Nutrition Is the Key to Pet Health

Every dog and cat has unique nutritional needs, from your puppy or kitten to your cherished senior pet. These needs may vary due to breed, size, age, physical activity, lifestyle factors, and environment.

At each wellness visit, we assess the nutritional condition of your pet. Then, we make recommendations for food, treats, and any needed supplements, as well as exercise and lifestyle changes.

Prescription Diets

Many cats and dogs have special dietary needs due to various medical conditions, including:

  • Weight concerns
  • Aging
  • Allergies
  • Urinary tract issues
  • Joint problems
  • Skin and coat conditions
  • Digestive complications
  • Chronic diseases

For those conditions, we offer a variety of solutions through prescription diets. Most of these products can be purchased conveniently through our veterinary pharmacy.

Weight Management

Overweight pets suffer from a variety of diseases and conditions, shortening lifespan and leaving them uncomfortable and lethargic. Often dogs and cats gain weight as they age. These pets may only require an adjustment in food type and amount, combined with an increase in exercise and play time. Others need a complete plan to address their more complex problems.

Weight gain can aggravate joint issues such as arthritis, and these pets should be monitored carefully. Aching joints can cause unwillingness to exercise, adding to the problem. Such pets may also require home adjustments such as padded beds and ramps to prevent added trauma.

A pet can lose weight as a result of a developing illness or condition, certain pharmaceutical treatments, allergies, or even an undiagnosed injury. Weight loss may also be due to behavioral issues such as refusing to eat or anxiety over changes in the environment.

Our veterinarians discuss any pet weight changes with you at each visit, and are skilled at diagnosing the source of a weight change. If your pet’s weight increases or decreases suddenly between visits, contact us at once. Sudden weight change is a symptom of more serious problems and should always initiate a veterinary consultation.

For additional help with weight management for dogs and cats, visit the Hills Weight Management Center and the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.

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