Compassionate & Respectful Pet End-of-Life Care

end of life care

The end of a pet’s life can come quietly in old age, after an extended period of fighting a serious disease, or abruptly from an accident or sudden illness. Whatever the case for your pet, the veterinarians and staff of Warm Springs Animal Hospital provide supportive care and services to address your unique circumstances.

Palliative Care for Pets

Palliative care is the process of managing pain and controlling symptoms, keeping a patient comfortable when a cure is no longer an option. A long struggle with a terminal disease, or an accident that has done too much damage, may result in the choice for palliative care.

Many pets do well at home with medications, happily surrounded by loved ones in a familiar environment. Others may need a more medically supportive environment in our hospital, with IV fluids and pharmaceuticals.

Depending on the patient’s condition, palliative care might involve the following:

A multimodal approach is often most effective for pain management in palliative care.

At the End, We’re Here for You

When your special companion can no longer be maintained comfortably, we provide painless euthanasia services. It can be tough to make decisions about your beloved companion’s life when you feel so emotional. Our veterinarians are here to support you during this difficult time. Turn to us when you need guidance, information, or a friend who understands.

We work closely with Craig Road Pet Cemetery for your pet burial and cremation needs

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