Our Pet Dental Care Prevents Pain & Disease

dental care

Since the condition of the teeth and gums can impact overall health, your veterinary team at Warm Springs Animal Hospital is committed to maintaining the dental health of your dogs and cats. Dental care is part of the wellness plan for every pet patient at our hospital.

Good Health Includes Dental Care

Dogs and cats experience considerable pain from broken and infected teeth, as well as diseased gums. But that’s not all: infections in the mouth easily travel throughout the body, causing serious diseases in major organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. No animal deserves such pain and illness, especially when dental care is a relatively simple process.

Every patient wellness exam includes an assessment of the teeth and gums. At that time, we offer recommendations for dental care specific to the needs of your dogs and cats. From teeth cleaning to extractions, protecting oral health improves longevity and the overall condition of your companion.

dental care

Three Steps to Dental Health

Broken down into three simple steps, pet dental care is easy and effective.

  1. Dental exams—While every wellness exam includes an assessment of the teeth and gums, a full exam is performed under anesthesia and may include digital dental X-rays.
  2. Professional dental cleaning—This thorough procedure includes scaling to remove plaque and polishing the teeth and is completed while the patient is under anesthesia
  3. Home care—Pet owners brush the teeth and provide special chew treats to help maintain the teeth between professional cleanings

Our veterinarians use the safest anesthesia for these procedures, comparable to any routine or specialty surgery. We provide protective measures such as laboratory testing to determine the patient’s ability to tolerate anesthesia and monitoring patient vital signs throughout the dental procedure. Other dental work, such as tooth extractions, can be performed at the same time as the cleaning.

Pet Owners Can Help at Home

While home dental care may be intimidating at first, teeth brushing is relatively easy to learn and can be an enjoyable part of your pet’s regular grooming process. Our team is happy to assist you in learning the techniques for teeth brushing, as well as the appropriate products to use. Or you may wish to watch these videos:

For more, visit our pet health pages.

Healthy teeth and gums will add years to the life of your pet, and quality to those years, especially in the senior stage. Contact our hospital to schedule a dental exam and cleaning for your special companion.