Progressive Pet Care for Las Vegas Dogs & Cats

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Progressive. Attentive. Experienced.

Find everything you need to keep your pet healthy at Warm Springs Animal Hospital. We provide a broad array of services for your dogs and cats, including preventive wellness care, surgery, internal veterinary medicine, and dental care.

Five-Star Customer Service

A focus on personal care and attention allows us to create a close relationship with you and your pet. This positive atmosphere builds a level of comfort and trust that is unparalleled in many veterinary facilities.

We get to know you: your needs, your wishes, and your desires. This relationship creates an enjoyable and supportive pet care experience, one that pet owners respect and cherish. And, if you are new to our hospital, we provide all the information you need online, including profiles of our veterinarians and staff and the opportunity to take a virtual tour.

Passionate Pet Care

The team at Warm Springs Animal Hospital is knowledgeable and supportive of you and your animal companions, providing a variety of pet health services and resources. Come visit and feel the difference our passion makes!