Meet Our Staff


Sam Lynch,

Sam Lynch,

Dr. Sam Lynch began his veterinary career as a small child on his father’s dairy farm in Fulton, Missouri. He followed his academic path to the University of Missouri, in Columbia, Missouri, and graduated in 1982 from the College of Veterinary Medicine. Although his family roots were in animal husbandry, he quickly fell in love with companion animal medicine and the rest is history—22 years later he is still enthusiastic in his profession of veterinary medicine and would choose it again in a heartbeat! In 2001, he combined his long-time labor of love, Chaparral Pet Hospital, with the family here at Warms Springs Animal Hospital. Together, we can share our visions of excellence and provide a more comprehensive companion animal health care facility with unprecedented state-of-the-art veterinary care for pets in the Las Vegas community, as well as the surrounding desert southwest.

Dr. Lynch enjoys his pet children, a Standard Poodle mix named Pumpkin, a Yorkie named Gidget, and Jack Russell Terrier named Eddie, along with his human children, Sarah and Laura.

Michelle Parantala

Michelle  Parantala

I became a veterinarian because I can never remember wanting to be anything else growing up. As I’ve progressed in my career, I realize that a big reason for my dream of becoming a veterinarian is due to the fact that I love advocating for those that cannot speak for themselves. My goal with every patient visit is that both the patient and the owner have the least stressful experience possible.
My family is ever evolving and currently includes my husband, Steve, our three rescue dogs, Maggie (Boston Terrier), Georgia (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), Peanut (Chihuahua) and our 16 yr old cat, Bristol.

Dr. Katrina Kucera

Katrina Kucera

I became a veterinarian for two reasons: the first being that I love to help people by helping their pets and the second is because I love the complexity of scientific problem solving I get to do on a regular basis. Learning new things and being able to utilize that knowledge to better the lives of my patients is rewarding. My goal is to treat all of my patients and their owners with kindness and compassion.
My family includes my significant other, David, our two small dogs, Bocci (ShihTzu mix), Beso (Pekingese mix) and our three cats, Figgy, Plague and Hurricane.

Dr. David Marion

David  Marion

I became a veterinarian because I needed my regular veterinarian many years ago, in the middle of the night, and was told he had no time right as he hung up. This unfortunate situation prompted me to follow my interest in medicine into a career as a veterinarian so that I could be there to help pets and their people. My goal with every patient is to provide optimum health care that results in long, happy lives.

My blended family includes my wife, Reda, my son, Danny, my three step children, Colton, Cameron and Kaden and my Beagle/Brittany spaniel mix, Kate.

I live by the philosophy that life is short, so live it honestly.